Anonymous ASKED:
How many albums does Kid Cudi have?

4 albums. The rest are mixtapes.

czurrp ASKED:
Do you by any chance know the brand of that long coat thing cudi's wearing in the Hollywood PQ pic?

I’ve looked around online for info, but I couldn’t find anything.

Movie news 

Kid Cudi added to cast of upcoming movie, Meadowland. Staring Olivia Wilde and Luke Wilson. Set to release in 2015.

Anonymous ASKED:
KC's long sweater is fucking awesome, where is that from?

Yea, he wears those cardigans well!!

But there wasn’t any info of where or what brand it is.

"My good friend Guiseppe Zanotti created these beauties inspired by my style :) What an honor!! LOVE!"

miranda-is-stupid ASKED:
Has there been any more news on MOTM lll? Thanks!

No, still 2015 release.