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you needs members.

If your awesome at making Gifs, I would love a Gif maker.

eazyeloveyouthots ASKED:
If you don't mind what are your top 5 songs off of MOTM ,MOTM2, and Indicud ?

Yay, fun questions!!!:)

Soundtrack to my Life
Solo Dolo
Heart of a Lion
Pursuit of Happiness

All Along
Mr. Rager
Scott Mescudi vs The World

Burn Baby Burn
Cold Blooded
Lord of the Sad and Lonely
Just What I Am

lovehardandfollowyoureheart ASKED:
Ya agreed, that's where Wzd came from. The effects drugs have on you depend on the mental state your in. Since he was in such a low place they brought him down but now that he has found who he is and is in the right mind set drugs like acid, dmt and weed are actually mind and eye opening drugs. I totally disagree with him using anything else but he's an adult and his own person and he knows what's best for him. Plus he wouldn't want to jeopardize his reputation and career in the place he'sinnow
exotixeast ASKED:
I think part of the reason for the drugs still is that he's still not good. At the end of Satellite Flight it ends with Troubled Boy a pretty sad song and he did that for a reason, guess we'll see in MOTMIII

Word. He’ll always be troubled. He tends to do better then slips up. Eh, life. Still love him, just want him to be safe and ok. That’s all.

lovehardandfollowyoureheart ASKED:
As a fan page of Cudi you should be keeping up with the latest and also be supportive of his life choices. Drugs aren't bad unless they are used too much and in the wrong way.

Well, as an adult: I work and not all up in Cudi’s biz.

Why would I support drug use, and when did I complain. Cudi was a heavy drug/alcohol user, why would I want to support that aspect of his life again?

Anonymous ASKED:
Cudders shouldn't confuse you with his drug experimentations. He is only human and at the end of the day we are all just on our own trip. You should appreciate that he's sharing personal moments which at the end of the day cater to his growth. "Gentle with the drugs, Heavy with the LOVE" peace =)

I appreciate that he shares moments. Just concerned for his well being.


After reading the DMT explanation, DMT popped in my head with the melody of “Solo Dolo Pt.2”. I didn’t know what it meant, but I knew I heard it plenty times. Ha.

"If you’d like to know, yes, I am on acid Who could it be? K-I-D Searching all day in the streets for DMT Don’t sip it, though - it couldn’t answer Drip, drip all day - bumpin’ MGMT” - Cudi

Though when Cudi mentions the use of drugs, etc in his music, I do believe he is using at that time and clearly still now. Sucks. :(

Anonymous ASKED:
Float On Scott

*now understands this reference* 


lilbismylife ASKED:
DMT is a drug, a very intense hallucinogen that makes you trip intensely for about 15 minutes and it feels almost as your soul/spirit leaves your body and the fifteen minutes feels like days/weeks/years depending on potency and not to mention you pass out when you're on it

Woah, sounds crazy. 

Hmm, Cudi confuses me. One moment he is drug free the next he makes hints to using.

Thanks for explaining.

Anonymous ASKED:
Would you do dmt with cudders? Just saw his tweet about it and it's sparked my curiosity.

Idek what DMT is/means :-/

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