elvito101 ASKED:
Any word on Satellite Flight physical copy coming out this Tuesday?

I haven’t seen anything else about it being released.

Anonymous ASKED:
Hey, what do you think about this so-called secret romance with that chick from harriet the spy? ugh no. lolol

I just saw the pix, I giggled. He love the white girls lol.

Anonymous ASKED:
I wonder what Cudders inspiration was behind the blue flowered suit jacket he wore to the NFS premier, it's beautiful. blue flowers...

Idk, just his own awesome style. :)

Anonymous ASKED:
I think Cudi is an angel in disguise


Anonymous ASKED:
Can you post the coachella pic where he smokes weed please ?

I saw it a day or so ago, I can’t freaking find it now. Sorry >_

Anonymous ASKED:
Does Cudi still smoke weed???

Based on a Coachella pic I saw, I guess so.

Anonymous ASKED:
How do you know I'm not,,,,,,,,

I don’t know.

if you are, hi I love you.